Techpraxis: Empowering Your Digital Agency

Dedicated to sustainable solutions to your internet presence needs

Techpraxis focuses on creating both innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients needs by leveraging information technology

Hello, fellow seekers. Are you looking for the Internet we lost?
Are you tired of the dystopic, corporate controlled web?
Welcome to Techpraxis, an internet presence cooperative made up of people who also believe we can make a different future.

Founded out of the efforts of both Cascadians and allies from various regions of the world, we are committed to another future. Techpraxis exists as a network of several organizations. This web presence is maintained by Techpraxis SPC, a social purpose corporation founded in Washington State, USA, which provides information technology consulting services to people across the spectrum of society who are often left out of the algorithms and calculations of digital elites in the United States and beyond. We provide internet presence consulting, computer skills training, and coordinate the work of digital cooperators who are themselves working in the "real world" to anchor alternative futures for humans in community, conscious of the power that these tools increasingly bring relative to our comrades in 21st century societies.