Forrest ElorrĂ­-Hawes

(CEO and Managing Director of Techpraxis Systems Group, SPC; Chief of System Engineering and Operations Division; Chief Geospatial and Geoinformatics Engineer; Director of the Synthetic Ecosentience and Artificial Intelligence Programs; Director of BioregionalTech, our computing services division)

Kyle Siekmann

(CEO of our stakeholder and partner, MycoEthos Corp.; Director of Ecological Engineering; MycoPraxis, our mycoculture operations, for fungal computing, bioremediation, resilient food systems, and land care and repair)

Melissa Rasmussen

(CEO of our stakeholder and partner, Haven Development and Design; Director of Community and Investor Relations)    

Josh Reed-Doyle

(Director of CryptoLogic & Augmented Reality Gaming Product Development)